Our Story

Racoono was founded by Rob and two sisters Elinor & Meleri. We had that light bulb moment when we were looking for local businesses in Aberystwyth to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables regularly.

At the time, the country was about to be put into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, looking out for our high-risk parents had become our priority. As the pandemic escalated, we wanted to find ways to ensure those close to us remained as safe as possible. It was impossible to get any supermarket delivery slots and when looking in Aberystwyth, we struggled to find local businesses who were taking on new customers. We realised we were not the only ones struggling with the situation and decided to do it ourselves. Racoono was born.

Within 6 months, what started out as delivering just fruit and vegetable boxes to people during lockdown, Racoono has become the home of a wide selection of fresh groceries and other home essentials, delivered straight to your door.

From the very beginning, our ethos has been to support local. Which is why all our produce is sourced locally as a priority, before going out to the wider community if or when produce cannot be sourced nearby. As examples, our bread & cakes are supplied by Pelican bakery, our honey from Devils Bridge, or yoghurts by Rachel’s, our Strawberries from Penlanlas Farm, and our coffee from Bay Roasters.

Who are the faces behind Racoono?

Rob originally from Sussex has played a big part in Racoono’s success to date. By trade he is a web designer and created our very own website before then launching the Racoono App in July. Growing up Rob worked in a greengrocers and picked up many tips along the way which he has implemented into the business. He ensures that the quality of our produce is always of the highest standard. You are likely to regularly see Rob on the deliveries and speak to him if you place an order over the phone.

Elinor & Meleri both born and bred in Aberystwyth have both played supporting roles in Racoono. Whilst Rob deals with the everyday running of the business, they both assist in identifying and sourcing new product ranges, packing orders, delivering and advertising. They have also been instrumental in teaching Rob welsh pronunciations and giving directions to more rural locations where the postcodes end in a field!

In truth there is a crossover with the roles. We work as a team and we want to ensure the continued success of Racoono through customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our deliveries are six days a week, Monday-Saturday covering a 15 mile radius from Aberystwyth. Please see our Delivery routes for specific delivery days. Don’t worry if you aren’t home, you don’t need to be home for your delivery – we will always try to leave them in a safe and secure place with all deliveries being contactless.

For our existing customers – thank you for your continued support. If you haven’t yet tried Racoono – what are you waiting for?
Rob, Elinor & Meleri

Interesting fact – the name Racoono is an anagram of “No Corona”.